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Find Out What’s Cooking in the Chemistry Lab

Brandeis’ emphasis on undergraduate research is a core value in Christine Thomas’ classroom

After earning her Ph.D. at Caltech, Christine Thomas came to Brandeis as an assistant professor of chemistry. Her research group focuses on harnessing new strategies to design catalysts that can convert abundant natural resources, such as solar energy, into clean, sustainable fuels. This year she won a Sloan Research Fellowship in recognition of her distinguished performance and outstanding promise in her field.
In March, Benjy Cooper ’11 gave his second presentation at the semi-annual national meeting of the American Chemical Society. It was based on research he conducted in Professor Thomas’ lab. He is considering offers from several doctoral programs in chemistry at leading universities.
Usman Hameedi ’12 is a biology major who also loves chemistry and research. That’s not all: the junior is a spoken-word artist and national slam champion on the collegiate level. He plans to go to medical school.

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