Why do you Love Experiential Learning?

I love EL because as cliche as it may sound, it has changed me. I first became involved in Experiential Learning classes unknowingly, as I took Environmental Law with Professor Goldin, solely out of interest, ignorant of its Community Engaged Learning connection. I became involved in the WATCH Housing Advocacy Clinic, a two-time weekly drop-in center for individuals from the Waltham community to obtain information on housing rights, housing searches, and letter writing. I became hooked, leading to a relationship with the organization that would last until the end of my senior year. This CEL class in addition to my internship while abroad in London at a law firm specializing in counter-terrorism and human rights, has taught me a great deal about my desired future pursuits and abilities. Whether in Corporate Responsibility, Environmental or Human Rights Law, experiential learning has illustrated the importance of incorporating social responsibility into my life endeavors, a lesson I am glad to have learned so early. 

-Robyn Blumberg, Class of 2011

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