What is an ExCEL Fellow?

Our Amazing 2011-2012 ExCEL Fellows:

Rebecca Bachman '13
Robyn Blumberg '11
Sadye Sagov '13
Aziz Sohail '13
Marisa Turesky '13
Rachel Usnik '13
Akash Vadalia '12

ExCEL (experiential and community-engaged learning) Fellows are student leaders knowledgeable about the experiential opportunities available for Brandeis undergraduates. They work to make these possibilities bigger and better, as well as, make sure students can take advantage of them. They also support faculty in the development and/or implementation of experiential components, practicums, and courses.
If you would like to contact the ExCEL Fellows to learn more or schedule a time for a presentation on experiential learning, please write to: experiential@brandeis.edu.

Goals of the program are:
·        Providing Brandeis students with peer advocates for academic ExCEL
·        Create new ExCEL opportunities
·        Student leadership development

1.      Commitment to the group for one academic year
2.      Attendance at orientation and mid-year retreat:
Intensive experiences designed to prepare students as university-community leaders and experiential learning experts
§  Team building
§  Knowledge
§  Project Development
3.      Weekly group meetings
4.      Facilitation of events and information sessions primarily prior to the Add/Drop period and the weeks leading up to Pre-Registration
5.      ExCEL Week: tabling, office hours, events, symposium assitance
6.      Developing academic course projects, components, practicums, or academically related undergraduate opportunities

·        Critical Analysis and problem-solving
·        Professional communication skills
·        Development and management of diverse, intercultural community groups
·        Academic service project development and course assistance skills
·        Project management knowledge
·        Opportunity for Brandeis credit

Connections to opportunities
Building relationships with faculty
Connect to students
Networking with community orgs
Make Friends
Leave your Legacy
Mentor younger students
Development of professional skills
Students may apply for the following academic year each spring. Applications are due by April 1st.  
Contact: Audra Grady, Program Administrator for Experiential Learning, grady@brandeis.edu

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